Side Event at the 51st Session of the Human Rights Council

UNHRC 51 Side Event: Legacies of Colonialism on Human Rights of People of Diverse SOGIESC

This UNHRC51 Side Event addresses the negative impact of the Legacies of Colonialism on the Enjoyment of Human Rights of People with Diverse SOGIESC. It aimed to decolonize and deconstruct the idea that ‘Homosexuality is an imposition & importation of the West’. The side event also aimed to restore the truth and justice of the claim that homophobia in its current form was initially imposed and enforced by Western colonial powers on all their colonies through discriminatory penal codes and religious dogma. The aim was also to establish the accountability of colonizing nations in propagating homophobia and document the legacy of discrimination and violence around the world. The panel sought to document best practices from the Global South of decolonisation when countries as diverse as Angola, Belize, Botswana, India, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago have thrown off the colonial yoke of anti-sodomy laws and “addressed the negative impact of the legacies of colonialism” on their people.

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  • Arvind Narrain - Lawyer, activist and writer based in India


  • Dr Samar Habib - Writer, researcher and scholar same-sex love and desire among women in the Middle East and North Africa and Islam, Homosexuality and Islam
  • Dr Nontando Hadebe - Southern African Catholic Feminist Theologian, International Co-ordinator of Side-by-Side, Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians
  • Dr Elizabeth Kerekere - New Zealand MP and LGBTQ+ activist and scholar
  • Daryl Yang - Co-Founder Inter-Uni LGBT Network and CAPE Singapore
  • Victor Madrigal Barloz - UN Independent Expert on violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Anna Brown (video) - Chief Executive Equality Australia


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